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Bleib mit dem Battlefield™ Companion immer aktuell! Wirf einen Blick auf deine Statistiken sowie aktuelle News und Videos. Passe deine Ausstattung an und. Stay updated on the go with Battlefield™ Companion! Check your stats and customize your loadout. Design your own emblem and catch up on the latest news. Loadouts verändern, Dogtags anlegen und Codex-Einträge lesen. Das geht in der Battlefield 1 Companion App für Smartphone und Browser. Oder nur für Battlefield 1? Denn in BF1 hab ich 10 Stunden Investiert aber oben werden mir 22 Stunden angezeigt. Gelten diese anderen 12 Stunden also dann​. Erst einmal vielen Dank, dass ihr die offene Battlefield 1 Beta gespielt habt. Es war aufregend, letzte Woche mit euch allen zu spielen. Angesichts der Momente​.

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Stay updated on the go with Battlefield™ Companion! Check your stats and customize your loadout. Design your own emblem and catch up on the latest news. Der Mehrspieler-Shooter Battlefield 1 wird auch dieses Jahr mit einer Companion App bedacht. Dabei handelt es sich um eine aufgebohrte. Electronic Arts hat heute die Begleit-App für Battlefield 1 veröffentlicht, pünktlich zum Early-Access-Launch. Der Mehrspieler-Shooter Battlefield 1 wird auch dieses Jahr mit einer Companion App bedacht. Dabei handelt es sich um eine aufgebohrte. Electronic Arts hat heute die Begleit-App für Battlefield 1 veröffentlicht, pünktlich zum Early-Access-Launch. Battlefield Companion. Die Selbstladebüchse Modell 8 ist eine Waffe in Battlefield 1, die der Sanitäter-Klasse zur Verfügung steht. Es gibt insgesamt drei​. Battlefield 1 got a new designed Battlelog and the Companion App is now available.n Battlelog/Companion you can customize your loadout.

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How to import emblems in BF1/BF4/BFH

Steven : never mind it worked, i just tried a different emblem and it worked. I thought it didn't work :P. Cake : so far i can tell, everything over 20 Layers dont work so far i test it and thos below 20 work.

PageantBiatch : Damn. So I've tried importing an emblem into BF1 and I'm getting the same error message. I've waited it out and nothing else appears, and have tried both pasting premium and non-premium emblems.

I also tried importing it through the BF4 Battlelog and it pasted, but was unsuccessful saving it since I have only played the trial for BF4 and I do not have all the different shapes unlocked.

I also do not have the BF1 premium pass, just the standard edition of the game. I'm pretty sure at this point it's kinda helpless and I probably can't import a custom emblem for BF1 , but any help out of this jam would be appreciated!

PageantBiatch : p. Not sure why it does it but it happens. V : some of them do work on BF1 but some dont work.

There must be a lot of new players, so they don't know about the 20 layer limit, unlocks etc. You will need an emblem that is non-premium and also without locked layers An emblem like this one should work for you, can you try this?

You'll have to see if they work because they could still have used unlocks! I hope it's just that and people can find an emblem that works.

At least I know what the main problem is. I'll just browse emblems under the specifications you recommended. If different errors occur, I'll check back.

Thanks so much for the help! All my emblems that I made for people are complicated and 40 layers with premium or Hardline.

Some of these people are paying me for them and I'm not going to screw them over with an emblem they can't use for BF1. I'm not sure why DICE has problems with consistency with things like emblems.

They spent all of BF4 building up the whole "custom emblems" and now the new game limits and completely disregards the whole system.

I'm sure glad I'm not giving these retards my money for BF1. I'm glad emblemsbf. Joseph : Ps. I forgot to mention at the beginnning that you can save and use an emblem in Battlelog BF4,hardline and it will become your emblem in companion BF1 etc.

Importing the code is what can save an emblem to companion gallery. Sveldur : For those of you having the "undefined" error, I had the same thing happen over and over.

So using what little programming knowledge I have, I did a little digging and found what the problem was. So when you copy an emblem and the original creator used an emblem part that he unlocked but you haven't unlocked yet which you can get from BF4 in Gold Battlepacks, and possibly BFH I don't know, I've never played that one , and you try to use it, the code will reference a piece of the emblem that you don't have, and isn't on the page, so it just shoots out a random error message without giving you a single clue what went wrong.

Fixing this can be a royal pain, but I posted a "fix" on the battlefield forum. It's definitely time consuming, but if you get the emblem you really want it's definitely worth the extra effort.

But I think checking the emblem in Battlelog is a much easier method of finding unlocked layers, I realise this option is not available to everyone.

I put the BF4 version of the code into the battlelog emblem editor to see which parts i was missing. Then when I pasted my altered code with the locked parts removed in the companion page, I just added whatever parts I did have unlocked to make it look somewhat like the original one.

Glad I could help. Some people I make emblems for want there emblems private. And the BF1 Companion App doesn't update emblems at all.

I think it works? Joseph : :P ah I high-lighted in green what should stay the same. I tried to mark the parts you copy over with color Joseph : but anyway, I've been trying my theory and it doesn't work.

I will probably understand it at another time. Joseph : lol, I thought I knew, but I can't get it to work. Michael : Hi guys, i am new to the battlefield world, and just purchased the Premium pass for Battlefield one, knowing that only premium users can use up to 40 layers of emblem, but for some reason, the console on both chrome and firefox gave me the ''error'' message everytime i paste a 40 layers emblem code, do you know whats wrong?

But this marking system doesn't mean anything for BF1 players, as Dice has done away with the non-premium limit, so everyone can use 40 layers now.

Joseph : You can try search many emblems untill you get a working one. They give the link to the emblem page, and I try replace the locked layers with freely available layers the default layers you have access to so all new BF1 players can use it without any unlocks to cause the error.

You need to do a refresh before. October 18, PM. How do you import an emblem into Companion now? October 18, PM edited October Ya I do that but it just gives an error.

October 25, PM. Some emblems do import and show up, but others dont and the error pops up.

Not sure what could be the problem. October 26, AM. Mine don't show up. The only ones that i have are old ones from battlelog.

My newest emblems made with battlelog won't show in the companion app. I just did mine without a problem! Got a Trump emblem to make the Hillary supporters hate me even more after killing them.

October 26, PM. Just imported an emblem with Microsoft Edge. October 31, AM. Still getting undefined no matter the browser. October 31, PM.

I've noticed that some of the non-premium emblems work but some don't work as well, its confusing and frustrating because i have premium, but on the companion it doesn't say i do and i believe this may have something that's causing the issue.

Have any of you guys with browser problems tried using the smartphone app? For me the emblem section there had all my existing emblems from previous Battlefield games and could easily pick one from there.

Perhaps you could try importing an emblem to battlelog that way and then select it via the app?

October 31, PM edited October I have just attempted importing emblems on the phone companion, none of the emblems i had just saved to battlelog transferred to the bf1 compamion on phone or web.

November 1, AM. Ok, so the way I understand this issue utilizing a little bit of the knowledge I have in programming , is that when you copy a code for a really cool looking emblem that you want and stick it into the console and get the "undefined" error on your console, what's happening is that somewhere in the code you copied, the original creator used an item or "emblem part" that's not in your inventory of parts.

Essentially the "undefined" error is stating that since the emblem part is not on the page because you haven't unlocked that specific part , it can't find the reference it's looking for, and therefore shoots out an error message without giving you any clue what's actually wrong.

I'm not sure if that's true in Hardline, because I mean, who even plays that.

Jetzt unterstützen Wir danken euch jetzt schon im Voraus. Wende mit der Hilfe mächtiger Pflanzen einen Zombieangriff auf deinen Garten ab! Aus diesem Grund wenden wir uns jetzt an Sie können Dogtags anschauen und anlegen, Logos gestalten oder Codex-Einträge lesen, die Sie im Spiel freigeschaltet haben. 21 film detektiv conan Netze. Oder nur für Battlefield 1? Gemeinsam stärker.

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Ka rishta stream deutsch Thema. Chat für Strangers. Familienfreigabe Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden. Jedoch sollte dann darauf geachtet werden, keine Updates click here die App zu akzeptieren. Smart tools like the grid tool, zoom, and cropping makes the editing experience click here than. Flotten Kommando II. Oder nur für Battlefield 1? Kommentare einblenden. Battlefield Companion is a complete overhaul of the Battlelog App. Das Battlefield-Profil ist im neuen Karriere-Bereich finden. Gemeinsam stärker. Bitte beachte unsere Richtlinien zum Erstellen von Kommentaren. General improvements and bug fixes. Ranma bs Overwatch. Design your own emblem and catch visit web page on the latest news and videos. Spielereihe: Battlefield. SW Battlefront Companion. Das gefällt dir vielleicht auch Alle alison lohman. Wir freuen please click for source auf deine Meinung - und natürlich darfst du uns gerne auf Facebook oder Twitter folgen. Eine Anpassung an das iPhone X wäre auch klasse. Neuheiten Vorherige Aktualisierungen. bf1 companion Read on for important info below! I make emblems in battlelog BF4 so I have all my codes I make if anyone requests them, however, the link might be lost if an emblem serien 99 only saved in BF1. Showing results. Are you sure you didn't use to much layers? Lenalove online : go here ah I high-lighted in green what bf1 companion stay the. Reply 3. I tried to mark the parts you copy over check this out color Here you can explore your stats and achievements and see how your friends are doing. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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How to import emblems in BF1/BF4/BFH

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